Select Company for finding designated employer of Newfoundland and Labrador
10113 Newfoundland Limited o/a Mary Brown’s
10162 NFLD Limited DBA o/a Marsh Motor Sports
10464 Newfoundland Ltd. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
10565 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North
10566 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North
10567 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North
2554049 Ontario Inc. o/a Extended Stay St. John’s
4411617 Canada Inc. o/a Lasik MD
56955 Newfoundland and Labrador Corp o/a Pleasantview Manor
61065 NL Inc. o/a The Golden Years Estate
70535 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc.
70838 Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. o/a U Design
71036 Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. o/a Cabot Auto
74501 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. o/a St. John’s Fish Exchange
75961 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc. o/a Cyno
77711 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc.
77727 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. o/a Burritos Mexican Grill
78117 Newfoundland and Labrador Limited
78187 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc. o/a Mucho Burrito Avalon Mall
79109 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc. o/a World Fur Exchange
82360 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc. o/a Gingergrass Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant
9819983 Canada Ltd.o/a McDonald’s Restaurant
A Better Living Home Care
A Plus Auto Service Centre
ABA Access Incorporation / Univeral Cognitive Solutions
Aboriginal Cleaners Inc. (HVGB)
Aboriginal Cleaners Inc. (Lab. City/Wabush)
Aditya Holdings (Canada) Inc. o/a Extreme Pita
Air Borealis Ltd. Partnership
Airbourne Café and Gifts Ltd.
Amity Foods Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Arthur Kitchens Inc.
Association For New Canadians
Association francophone du Labrador
Atlantic Grocery Distributors Ltd.
Atlantican General Trading Inc.
Auto Impact Solutions Limited
Avalon Tech & Tailor Inc.
Awesome enterprises Ltd. o/a Acropolis Pizza
Axess Baffin Inc.
Beachside Manor Ltd.
Beaufort Solutions Inc.
Bemister’s Janitorial Services Inc.
Bennett’s Limited o/a Ultramar
Bhaskar Holdings (Canada) Inc. o/a Dairy Queen MUN Campus
Birdhouse Garden Market Inc.
BJH Enterprises Inc. o/a Wing’ n It Kenmount Road
Bluedrop Learning Networks Inc.
Bluesky Family Care Ltd.
Body Works St. John’s 2012 Ltd
Bogart’s Jewelry Ltd.
Boss Construction Group Ltd.
Boutcher Holdings Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Briarside Holdings Ltd. o/a Humber Valley Veterinary Clinic
Bugden Enterprises o/a Mary Brown’s Restaurant
Burry’s Shipyard Inc.
Burton’s Adventure Ltd. o/a DQ Southlands
Canton Restaurant
Care Givers Inc. o/a Momentum Developmental Support
Carol Automobile Ltd.
Catholic School Foundation of Corner Brook Inc. o/a Immaculate Heart of Mary School
CBS Animal Hospital Inc.
CBS Foods Ltd. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
CG Aberdeen Holdings Inc. o/a Harvey’s Restaurant
Chancellor Park Inc.
Chinched Bistro
Citrus Marketing Inc. o/a Newfoundland Canvas
City Light Holdings Inc. o/a City Lights Buffet
City Tire and Auto Centre Ltd.
City Trust and Mortgage Company Ltd.
Clarenville Foods Inc. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
Clarenville Foods Inc. o/a Shamrock City Pub
Clarenville Vet Hospital
Clear Risk Inc.
Coastal Shipping Limited
CoLab Software Inc.
Collision Clinic Ltd.
Condon’s Home for Special Care
Connie Parsons School of Dance Ltd.
Connor Madyson Enterprises o/a Tim Hortons
Corner Brook Hotel Ltd.
Corner Brook Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation
Cosmos Enterprises Ltd. o/a Newfound Cabs
Culinary Creations Inc.
DAC Holdings Inc. o/a Mr. Lube
Daleco Ltd.
Dandy Dan’s Fish Market
DASH Foods Inc. o/a Mary Brown’s
Deer Lake Express Hotel Ltd. o/a Holiday Inn Express Deer Lake
Dental Crafts Ltd.
Diocesan Synod of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador
Donna Daycare Centre Inc.
Dot’s Bakery ad Coffee Shop (2007) Ltd.
Dr. Chandrasegaram Labrador Professional Dental Corporation
Dr. Hans and Dr. Hans PMC Inc.
Dr. Nagaanand Dental Inc.
Dr. Parekh Dentistry Professional Corporation o/a Exploits Valley Dental Office
Dr. Rehan Malik
Dr. Rufus Meshack Dentistry Professional Corporation o/a Summerville Dental Office
Dr. Vikram Vasamreddy Dentistry Professional Corporation
Dream Nails Inc.
D’s Landing Inc.
Earle’s Groceries Ltd.
East Coast Sushi Restaurant Inc.
East End Tailoring Ltd.
Eastern Regional Health Authority
EgyCana Fast Food Enterprises Inc. o/a Big Bite Pita
ELJ Holdings o/a Discovery Day’s Children’s Centre
Em-K Investments o/a Burger King
Emma’s Suites
Empowered Homes Inc.
ENCON Construction Services Limited
Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd.
Fahey Building Ltd. o/a The Labrador Inn
FGI Group
Fibreglass Works Ltd.
Fisherman’s Landing Ltd. o/a Fisherman’s Landing Inn
Flynn Canada Ltd.
FMI Atlantic Inc o/a KFC
Focenco Ltd. o/a Colemans
Fonemed North America Inc.
Fresh Health & Wellness Inc.
Froyd Services Ltd. o/a A&W Restaurant
Frozen In Time Ltd.
Fytics Inc.
G&C Reddeman Investments Ltd. o/a Canadian Tire Associates
Gander Flight Training Ltd.
Genoa Design International
GFI Composties Limited
GillCo Enterprises Inc. o/a City Centre Pharmacy
Glovertown Shipyards (2010) Ltd.
Good Fortune Food Industry Inc. o/a Golden Phoenix Buffet
Goosebay Airport Restaurant 1972 Limited o/a El Greco
Goulds Foods Inc. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
Grace Hotel Ltd.
Grand Enterprises Limited o/a Gypsy Tea Room
Green Bay Fibre Products Ltd.
Green Food Industries Inc. o/a Golden Pheonix
Gros Morne Trading Post Ltd.
GWG Investments o/a Red Pepper Mongolian Grill
H&M Food Inc.
Halliburton Group Canada
Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises Ltd.
Harmonie Foods Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Headline Holsteins Ltd.
Height of Land Hotel Inc.
Hellen Young o/a Vitality, Hair, Skin and Laser Studio
Hoi Tian Ltd. o/a Tai Hong Restaurant
Hometel Suites 2010 Ltd.
Horion Laminates Ltd.
Horner Investments Ltd.
Humber Nurseries Ltd.
Hurley’s Enterprises o/a Bistro on the Bay
I.C Pizza House Inc.
Iceberg Cosmeceutical Spa Products Inc.
Integrated Logistics
Iron Berry Inc.
Island Holdings Limited o/a Miraquinn Hilltop Manor
J&K Subway Limited
J. Shiref Sales Ltd.
J.Co Holdings Inc. o/a Kelseys 7120
Jago Auto Ltd. o/a Western Toyota
Jamonli Restaurant Inc. o/a Taiwan Restaurant
Jegs Enterprises Ltd., o/a Needs Convenience
Jin Dragon Restaurant Holding Inc.
Jiwen Garden Chinese Restaurant
Just Goody Merchants Inc.
K & B Atlantic Inc. o/a Milestones
K&R Holdings Inc. o/a Mary Brown’s, Avalon Mall
Kariss Enterprises Ltd. o/a Donovans Irving
Karlee Enterprises Ltd. o/a Deer Lake Irving Big Stop
Kelly’s Body Zone
Kelsey Drive Pizza Inc. o/a Boston Pizza
Keppel Island Construction and Electrical Inc.
Key Assets Newfoundland and Labrador Inc.
KGM Enterprises Ltd.
KS Cuisine Ltd. o/a Kimchi and Sushi
L&H Tucker Holdings Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Labrador Donut o/a Tim Hortons
Labrador Gem Seafood Inc.
Labrador Motors Ltd.
Labrador-Grenfell Health
Letto Brothers Enterprises Ltd. o/a Robin’s Donuts
Letto’s Enterprises Ltd. o/a Northern Light Inn
Louis Gees Pizza
M & M Properties Ltd. o/a Airport Auto Park & Jet – St. John’s, NL
MacBride Enterprises Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Magic Wok Ltd.
Majors Contracting Ltd.
Mandarin Mart
MAR Investment Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Marble Resort Development Ltd.
Maritime Jewellers
Mary Brown’s Inc.
Memorial University
Mercer Investments o/a Mary Brown’s
Mercury Services Ltd. o/a Pizza Delight
MHD Enterprises Incorporated o/a Wing’n It Gander
Miao’s Holding Inc.
Mike Davis Signs Ltd.
MMB Dining Enterprise, The Captain’s Table
Mobile Tire Service NL Inc. o/a TireTec
Mohamed Ali’s Restaurant
Momavie DMML Inc. o/a The MoMavie Center
Mushuau Innu First Nation
Nails Time Inc.
NavSim Technology
Neptune Security Services Inc.
New Moon Inc.
New World Dairy Inc.
Newfound Resources Ltd.
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. o/a Ye’s Wok Restaurant
Newfoundland Multi Foods Ltd. o/a Multi Foods Ltd.
Newont Ltd. o/a Burger King
NGA Outsourcing Canada Inc. o/a NGA Human Resources
Nor-Lab Ltd. o/a Bentleys Restaurant
Nor-Lab Ltd. o/a Maxwell’s Lounge
Northern Light Ltd.
Northern Lights Seafood Inc.
Nova Yoga Inc.
Ocean Quest
Orkin Canada Corp.
O’Brien’s Sales and Service Ltd.
P and B Enterprises o/a Hotel Alexis
PAL Aerospace Ltd.
PAL Airlines
Peninsula Donuts Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Pennecon Ltd.
PF Collins Customs Broker Ltd.
Philrobben Janitorial Ltd.
PLR Enterprises Inc. o/a McDonald’s
Pride Restaurant Enterprise Inc. o/a Greco Pizza
Principal Holdings Ltd.
Proper Care Services Inc.
Provincial Advisory Council The Status of Woman, NL
Puldin Enterprises Inc. o/a Venice Pizzeria
R & L Food Services Ltd. o/a A & W
R&R Coffee Ltd o/a Tim Hortons
Rashmi Holdings Inc.
Red and Yellow Cabs Inc.
Restaurant P.H.R. Inc.
Rice Bowl Ltd
Robins Bay Roberts Ltd. o/a Robin’s Donuts
ROM Group Ltd. o/a Bridie Molloy’s
RTS Janitorial Maintenance Inc.
S&J Investments Inc. o/a Mary Brown’s
Saffron Operating India Gate Inc.
Scotia Recycling (NL) Limited
SDC Enterprises Ltd o/a Smokes Poutinerie
Seadrill Canada
Shirley’s Haven Inc.
Shorefast Social Enterprises Inc. o/a/ Fogo Island Inn
Small Holdings Ltd. o/a Smitty’s Restaurant
So & Associates Ltd. o/a The UPS Store
Solace Power Inc.
Square meals Inc. o/a Smitty’s Family Restaurant
Stavanger Drive Pizza Company o/a Boston Pizza
Steele Auto Group Limited
Stokes & Company Ltd. o/a Liddy’s
Sun Sushi Inc.
Sunbridge Portugal Cove LP Inc. o/a Holiday Inn St. John’s Conference Centre
Sunrise Ventures Inc. o/a Tim Horton’s
Suraj Holdings (Canada) Inc. o/a BuckWeavers
Surya Holdings Inc. o/a Extreme Pita
Sushi Nami George Street Restaurant Incorporated
Sushi Shokunin Inc.
Sutherland Investments (2017) Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Sutreen Hardwood & Moulding Ltd.
Taste of India Inc.
Terry’s Tents & Shoe Repair Limited
TGY Estate Ltd. o/a The Golden Years Estate
The Call Centre Inc. o/a Telelink
The Mogul Restaurant
The New Vogue Furriers Ltd.
Them Days Incorporated
Thunder Rode Ent. Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Tiffany Village Retirement Residence Partnership
Tilt House Bakery
TLC Nursing & Home Care Services Ltd.
Todd Rowe Ltd. o/a North Atlantic Orange Store
Torbay Fun Foods o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
Trinity Hospitality Services
Turnbull’s Hardware Ltd.
TV Fish Inc.
United Foods Inc. o/a McDonald’s Family Restaurant
Urban Flooring Contractors Ltd.
Uzor Enterprises Ltd o/a EVOO In the Courtyard
Verafin Inc.
Viking Carpentry and Construction Ltd.
Vision 33 Canada Inc.
W.J. Dober Limited
Wabush Convenience Store Limited
Wabush Hotel Limited (PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. receiver)
Way’s Restaurant Ltd. o/a Pizza Delight
Way’s Restaurant Ltd. o/a Pizza Delight
WDI Coffee Incorporated o/a Tim Hortons
West End Foods ltd. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
Win Hop Inc. o/a Johnny Ruth; Living Planet
Wiseman’s Funeral Homes Ltd.
Wong’s House Limited
Work Global Canada Inc.
Xtreme Xposure Inc. o/a Xtreme Hockey
Yellow Belly Brewery Ltd.
Young Power Associates Inc.
Zahanov Enterprises Inc. o/a Sorrento Pizza, Pasta and Grill